Copyright, Data protection and Employer statements

All artist's images on are protected by copyright law. Please respect the copyright of both the artists and the photographers on this website. Before downloading or printing images or the text from webpages you must contact the artist and/or photographer to ask permission. Fees may be payable at their discretion. Exceptions - use for educational or review purposes. We would ask that artists are informed of this use, as a matter of courtesy.

Copyright of all aspects of the AA2A project, its documents, website content and design (excluding artists' images and text on their webpages) is held by AA2A Ltd. No reproduction of website text or media is permitted without written permission unless for purposes of study. and our networking site 'Dotbiz' were developed by Bevan Stephens and are now maintained by Robin Keech

Data Protection
The information you provide to AA2A is securely held in the organisations contact database and will be treated securely and with sensitivity in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will be used only by AA2A for the purposes of providing you with information and opportunities, which we believe will be of benefit to you. Occasionally we may also communicate with you by post, email or telephone about developments in our work. Data will not be disclosed to any other organisation or individuals without your specific permission. You can, at any time, choose not to receive communications from us.

AA2A as employer
AA2A Ltd has never used Zero hours contracts and has always paid all its staff well above the Living Wage

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