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AA2A is an Arts Council England (ACE) Investment Principle Support Organisation (IPSO) that has been facilitating artists residencies since 1999. We are a transformative programme that fosters collaboration between further and higher education institutions and artists while supporting students as they transition from study to employment in the arts.

Universities and colleges host up to six artists for one academic year, allowing artists the opportunity to use facilities and resources they may otherwise not be able to access. This mutually beneficial relationship enriches the academic environment, provides valuable experiences for students, and helps artists to develop their creative practice.

11 hosts participating in AA2A
For education institutions

Enrich your Academic Environment: By participating in AA2A, your university or college can offer a unique and enriching experience to your students and faculty where artists and academics collaborate to push the boundaries of knowledge and experience.

Promote Artistic Excellence: AA2A brings practising artists and makers to your institution. These artists become an integral part of your academic community, inspiring creativity, and acting as positive role models for students. This immersion in the world of professional art and design practice elevates your institution's reputation.

Foster Interdisciplinary Collaboration: AA2A encourages cross-discipline collaboration, allowing artists and students from various departments to come together and create something extraordinary. It's the perfect recipe for sparking innovation and breaking down traditional silos.

The exchange of ideas, skills and perspectives enriches and refreshes the academic environment, fostering a culture of creativity and exploration.

For artists

Opportunity to explore and push your creative boundaries: Use high-quality equipment, resources and facilities you would not otherwise have access to.

Networking opportunities: Develop potentially long-lasting local networks and collaborations with peers and academic, teaching and technical staff; exchange ideas, skills and perspectives.

Collaborative learning: Working on group projects, participating in discussions and collaborating on research can contribute to a deeper understanding of your creative practice.

Share your expertise: Offer a small number of workshops, talks or other learning opportunities to students, as well as share your knowledge of the arts ecology in your local area (and nationally/internationally).

In summary, the AA2A initiative plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between artists and further and higher education institutions, providing a platform for mutual benefit and fostering a collaborative and enriching artistic environment.

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