Reflecting on where to show my performance work in the university is making me re-consider the location of it. The point of a 1-2-1 performance is all about intimacy, however is that totally appropriate and right within a university context? I am putting a lot of prep into this work and I am not sure if I am happy to only show it to a few people. Having the work in a blacked out space is making the work look theatrical, is that what I really want? In a sense the work is theatrical, however there will be lots of slippages and mistakes within the performance. I keep thinking back to the carpet under my feet when I was videoing my initial experiments in my spare room and I really like the aesthetic of my home environment. Could I do a live, streamed performance on the Internet? This would allow me to reach more people in different locations and have my chosen location for the performance. There is something about sharing the things you do at home and were you live with other people through a screen that appeals to me. The work could be a controlled video piece, however I feel more excited about doing something live, creating a temporary event, something not to miss.

I have started rehearsing the Penny Arcade script to The government doesn’t want people to fuck! The piece talks about prostitution, women, America and money. She speaks really fast and even with a script in hand I am struggling to keep up with the pace. In the script she talks about the difference between hookers and call girls. When I think of a hooker I think of the movie Pretty Woman and Julia Roberts. Penny goes on to say ‘y’all have this idea that hookers are running around in push up bras, fishnet stockings, high heals, that’s a seducer, that’s a movie, that’s an old movie. We’re not running around in high heals we’re wearing Reeboks!’ I like the idea of mixing in a pair of Reeboks and fishnet tights into my performance wardrobe. Penny has made music, more like punk tracks, which I have been listening to. I particularly like No Mona Lisa, which talks about how the famous muse is cut off at the waist. This soundtrack would make an ideal match as in my performance the frame will cut across the middle of my body.

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