31 days later, in Ryedale, pulling it together?

Had a few weeks out of sinc regarding the work . Came away from Hull College week before last.

Had spent intense day etching learning a lot regards possibilities..... Kept thinking that it was really going wrong - which on one level it was.... technically horrid ... the drawing had been so crude to begin with.

My idea of taking a sense of the 19th century stage design by Craig - and working through an idea yet to be realized - wasn't being realized

Tremendous fore planning and descipline in drawing out so succinctly, designs for stage sets that would present Craig's then new ideas of light and dark were far from being matched by my level of fore planning 

If I did quick sketching onto the etching plate drawing with whatever was at hand, would there be any of that same sense of purpose? Perhaps not.It could be that working through a concept in any available material like that will lead easily to a finished product, naturally lending itself to looking as though it is relative and relevant to the proposed finished work......however poorly it appears to be executed?

The amateur look of anyone's work executed in a new discipline immediately carries them back to a point of non sophistication. Questions surround the discipline or the attempting to 'transrcibe' into the new discipline. My trying out etching, all be it with a bit of a plan, leaves me dissatisfied I'm not more knowledgeable straight away because my idea is more advanced than my technique. 

The same will happen with the dress I suspect..

BUT the combination of the sketched etches and the camera captured yellows plus the duster dress as far as it may be built will form the outlines of a proposed expedition that may or may not evolve into an actual journey. The dress will be seen at various junctions though it will rarely be seen moving.

Today am sorting out receipts and evaluation...mustn't forget!

Will really miss the atmosphere of the college. Looking forward to PV of degree shows on 3rd June.





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