A lot of printing

Having chosen my colours, my paper, etc. etc. etc. all I had to do was print the eight-colour prints. I thought I could afford enough paper and paint to do two sets; I hoped that I would be able to print accurately enough to get one usable set of prints, anyway (I didn't manage, but it wasn't too sloppy).

I took photos of the strips of colour once I was reasonably happy with the arrangements, then tightened everything up on the computer. Then I made some sheets of newsprint the same size as the paper I'd be printing on and drew everything out.

The technique for lining everything up that I was shown involved a big piece of transparent plastic; I printed on to it, lined up one of the newsprint guides underneath ...

... and marked the edges of the newsprint. Then I replaced the newsprint with the real paper, lined it up to the marks, put the plastic over it again and made adjustments. Then, having switched on the big vacuum pump under the printing table and muttered a prayer to the squeegee gods, I could at last print a stripe.

And then just do it again, and again, and again. Oh, and did I mention cleaning the screen and plastic every time I had printed a stripe of the current width and colour on two pieces of paper? It took six sessions at the University. I enjoyed it! There was a nice movement from concentration to relaxation and back and all that focusing really settles the mind.

At last the prints were complete:

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