A side trip and the first proper print

The first task of this session was to do the first two colours of a print in a different series from the one I'd been working on so far. The main thing is a calligraphic kind of image abstracted from a photo of dry-stone walls where I live, this is the background for it. There's a light yellow-green layer behind the stripy mid green. The first layer was a bit patchy - I was printing at A3 rather than A4, which all the previous stuff has been - and Natalie Shaw, the print technician here, thought to ask me if I was flooding the screen with paint before printing, and of course I wasn't. The image quality improved after that, thanks Natalie. The stripes on the second colour are done with wax resist on the screen, taking a rubbing from a load of string I had glued to a board.

Next thing was to put the second colour on the sketch prints for the 'flipped' composition; the paint, which I had mixed the time before, was a bit manky and I was doing everything in a hurry so paint was bleeding under the edge of the stencil, but they are only sketches after all.

To finish the session, I chose the final arrangement of shapes for the 'closer' composition, measured it up and scaled it up to A3 ...

Then very very quickly, with the blue paint since it was lying about and I didn't want to keep it, I did a test print. More on this next time with the proper colour.

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