AA2A and Who am i?

After graduating two years ago I went to work at Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam, I found their to be a refreshing attitude a lack of heirachy in the arts that really appealed to me. 

I moved back to rural North Yorkshire for work in April 2016. I missed having access to the arts, to creative networks to the industry, and to my peers. To a creative network. I found out about AA2A from an artist who had taken part previously. It sounded briliant. Jut the peer networking, diverse source of inspiration and work I needed. I am really happy to be accepted by Derby and look forward to what the next months have in store. An opportunity to develop new work, a place where wealth doesn't matter, a breaking down of the barriers and an increase in access in the Arts. 

Now who am i? What is it that I do? 
I’m Jo (http://www.joannecoates.co.uk/) a visual storyteller based in the North of England. My work is a documentary approach to every day stories that are often overlooked. I graduated from London College of Communication in 2015 and have been working freelance for a year and a half.
My mottos both photographic and personal, is never under estimate anyone, and always listen, everyone has a story worth hearing. 

I studied Fine art at The Cass then Photography at London college of Communication. Honestly, you get out of it what you put into it. I always felt lucky to have the opportunity to be studying in London and used my time. The aspects I found most vital were theory and the visiting lecturers. 

I've been working freelance for a year and a half since graduating all over the world and across the UK. I'm just started on my path and am interested in the ways AA2A wil influence me. 


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