AA2A blogs for Jan and Feb

1st February

At Today’s drop in I wanted to show the Creative Collaborators the options we have for working with Clay. I have started to recycle (Reclaim) some old dry clay, there is Black-Chunky, Crank, Earthstone Hand-building and some Earthstone Hand-building that has previously been stained a bit blue and some that has some Black Chunky grog (little stones) added to it.

We need to soak the clay in water. To create paper clay we add a pulp mixture made from us soaking Toilet Paper in water. I explained the properties and benefits of experimenting in this way and everyone had a feel of the wet clay which dried on plaster slabs during our meeting. One Collaborator took home some clay to have an experiment with over half term. I am excited to start making with the Creative Collaborators and am going to order some green stain that we can use on the Blue clay as this ties into a specific paper clay origami idea.

We need to make some plaster Slabs (bats) that we can try out our unconventional clay on. I explained that I tend to cast the plaster in large shoe boxes and that we can line them with texture (funky foam or wall paper) to give us a textured side for future use.

25th January

I spent today completing my image for the Companion Book. The lunchtime drop in was an opportunity for Students to pop in with their completed pages a couple of students did bring their pages in, I have scanned them and put them on this website and The Sketchbook Project Website. I have stuck all the images into the Sketchbook Project and will post it on Monday.

Today’s opportunity was to submit work for a Secret Art Show being organized by PCS Union Reps who work at Tate Liverpool, Modern, Britain and other London venues. The Art Show is to raise funds but it is an opportunity to exhibit a piece of your Artwork in a London Gallery that will be well attended and also inclusion in an online catalogue. I think it is a valuable habit for young Creative People to get into, taking part in Exhibitions proves you are a practicing Artist.

18th January

Only one student attended the Lunchtime Drop in today, we had a really interesting conversation about working on collaborative projects. The student plans to submit a piece of their collaborative project to my Sketchbook Project Entry, thus taking her project International. The way of working, disseminating Origami pieces with instructions to add a message and return to be collated and exhibited links really well in that I am able to help spread the pieces through my colleagues, friends, Apprentices, Students (all Creative people who will be interested and keen to take part). The origami paper folding element that is the construction of the individual pieces could tie in nicely to the Collaborative Practical Project if we were to experiment making paper clay as this is a technique I had wanted to demo.

18th January Intro to Lucy and Maria’s Class

I brought in my Portfolio (from Ba Design Degree and Masters of Arts Degree today as well as a small selection of my Ceramic pieces from different projects. I gave a 45 minute talk to the class, just explaining my background, achievements, struggles and future hopes. I asked for the student’s feedback and explained about my intention to use feedback to adapt my work to make more commercial designs whilst still retaining my integrity. I don’t want to make pieces to sell but I am keen to adapt my style to make pieces that have a wider appeal.

I told the students about my Creative Collaboration and invited them to join the Wednesday lunchtime Drop in sessions at any point as well as informing them about the Companion Book. I gave a few Companion Book pages out and do hope some of the students enjoy participating in this.


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