AA2a Exhibition

The AA2a exhibition took place on the 16th April in the Advertising Space of the Alexon Building. The exhibition showed three artists: Morgan Tipping, Georgia Lucas-Going and Sun Ju Lee.

Morgan's work had three components. One was a video she made with a group of Photography and Video Art students called "Art History through Dance". This video incorporated 5 dances each focussing on a different era or artist. These included Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. The other two pieces were five canvases showing free willies of the 70's  and the other a sculpture made of basketballs.

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Georgia's work is an installation piece based on the reaction of grief and the father/daughter bond. The objects chosen are the common bonds that link Georgia and her father even though they have lived apart most of their lives.

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The last pieces of work are by Sun Ju. Her pieces included two screen prints on the wall and three drawings hung from the pipes creating multiple layers and a interactive installation even through they are 2d. Each of these pieces look at layers of photos of a certain place that is of interest to Sun Ju. She then prints them or draws them using shades of grey.

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On the wall there was also a video reel that showed previous work of Georgia and Morgan.


Overall the exhibition was really successful and it was really great seeing all the hard work of the artist that they have completed throughout the year. It was also rewarding to see all the hard work we had put into installing it and preparing the exhibition earlier that week. It has been such an exciting project to be a part of and I am glad to see it come to such a enriching experience.





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