AA2A Graduate Pack Review

As reps we have recently been asked to review the AA2A graduate pack, a document of useful advice and links for final year students.

I found the practical advice to be the most useful, in particular information on becoming self employed and that of the AA2A scheme itself being a viable residency opportunity for a newly graduated artist. It also covers networks that aren’t mentioned in university such as Axis and a-n, which I will be signing up for as a result of reading the pack.

I found it good that it highlights the response of different AA2A artists to the content on each page, showing that the tips and advice provided are in use by these artists and are important to help you with a career in the arts.

Overall it is a very useful document that I will be sharing with my coursemates. Our university already has an educational license for it but I think it is important that its availability is made more visible to those on my course.

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