AA2A Upcoming Show


I thought this may be of interest to anyone who has been following my progress online. Over at MMU, myself and the other AA2A's are working towards our end of residency group exhibition at the university this September/October. Each of us were required to submit a proposal/statement outlining our thoughts and ideas for the upcoming show..

Bethan Hamilton

An exploration of the obese female body with a focus on mass, weight and disproportionate form through mark making. My project has been focused on the creation of artificial forms with indeterminate sex, species or context through collage, drawing & printmaking. 

I have selected an image and have sought to visualize this 2D image as a tangible 3D form through a series of individual frames within a 360° rotation. I am looking to exhibit a series of A2 etchings mounted directly onto a wall and placed side by side horizontally.


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