A really interesting lecture, whilst unrelated to my own practice, Al and Cal are both ex-students of the University of Chester. With lots of encouragement and great empathy for our third-year angst, they were keen to lower anxiety levels and career worries. They included some interesting statistics about the workplace; that over the course of a career one could expect 6 roles, 9 pay rises, 10,000 hours of overtime and one relationship.

The duo work at BBCUX&D, that is, BBC User Experience and Design Team in Manchester. Given that the BBC serves 70% of UK households and 330 million people worldwide, their work lies in a design and engineering group that represents only one percent of the BBC workforce.

 Al Jones studied computer science at Chester and now works on end to end design concerned, as he described it, with “how it looks, what it does, and how it makes you feel,” his projects include BBC Own It, the on-line wellbeing app for kids. Cal Peters’ work includes the Newsround website, mobile design and layout, he described how much experience he had gained in work-based learning and third year placement whilst at the Uni.


Collaboration plays a large part in the way they work, and they were keen to impress the importance of recognising how different styles of working affect creativity; the BBC, being such a massive organisation, is highly collaborative and a very different environment compared to working in isolation, as Cal had experienced when freelancing.. The duo left us with the message – “Stay focused, keep working, don’t give up.”






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