Alice In Disneyland

Since I last wrote, the animation has really come together, and I now have a finished piece of work to exhibit as part of Alice In Disneyland at Lincoln Central Library from 4th - 7th May 2010. Private View 5.00 - 7.00p.m.

Lincoln Artist's Network had a small exhibition with three artists at The Terrace from 7th - 21st April, as a prelude, and it went very well. Images and feedback are here:

The exhibition at the library will be the main exhibition.

I do wish to extend my time on AA2A, because I spent most of it grieving for my father and not enough time creating work. And I have another animation that I now wish to create. have a competition to submit videos, I'm keen to exhibit art in existing and appropriate contexts, and I feel a piece of animation based on Take On Me would be excellent exhibited at one of their gigs in front of an existing audience of fans. 

This may also be exhibited as part of an installation at a gallery in Nottingham in November. I have contacted one, they said they were very interested, but so far no reply to confirm. 

If anyone here has a gallery space available in Nottingham for November (around the time of Saturday 20th onwards), please get in touch, as I wish to exhibit work there in time for the East Midlands leg of A-ha's final tour.

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