Artist Talks!

RIght, well I am just getting the hang of my profile so time for my first blog! There was a great talk conducted by Beth Bramich a couple of weeks ago, who explained to us about The Wasteland Sculpture Park that she is part of. This project is all about placing something within, or using a wasteland space in different ways. Beth is currently working in our screen printing studio, making prints of proposal ideas. She is currently asking for proposals for her 'Wasteland Sculpture Park Publication', from students and others so anyone who is interested should get in touch!

She helped organise 'The Games' through The Wasteland Sculpture Park, which was a day of activities taking place simultaneously in Nottingham and Berlin. In Nottingham they were playing a rounders tournament and in Berlin they had an obstacle course! For more information visit:

Overall, a fascinating talk about utilising space and organising public events.

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