Artists in Residence show

Yesterday was all about putting together the work that has taken 6 months for me to produce, I found a moment yesterday to write a brief blog on it, then looking again at it I felt that it did not do justice to all the effort that has gone into the show. So yesterday to recap was a flurry of running in and out of the Dome armed with blu tack, double sided tape, last minute text boards to accompany my works.

Yesterday's blog involved regularly glancing up at the clock struggling to eat something, do hair, change shoes, feed cat etc etc, this is the norm for me and I'm sure many other artists on their pv nights. The work is what dominates my mind, it's both satisfying to have completed a long project and exhausting remembering all those tiny details! 

The staff at the college were great in helping to pull the show together with us, a big thank you to Sharlaine Fincham and Jeremy Asquith, also to Craig Titley and Nathan Sissons for all their help! Brilliant team at Chesterfield College.

Great show last night and it's on til the 25th...

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