Back for the final term (eeek) and VOTING TIME!!

As is suggested by the title of my most recent image album I seem to have been incredibly busy but then don't seem to have much to show for it!

I have been away for a bit, however am now back to the studio for more fun times in the lead up to the Degree Show, I have also got another exhibition under my belt in the mean time, 'Self' at Whitley bay was on over the weekend and was great fun! It was a large group show and featured the prints from my series 'Sketches' and also paintings from fellow AA2A Student Rep Sandra Greenacre.

In AA2A news since the successes of Jenny Purrett and Rebecca Travis's workshops, David Lisser is holding a seminar this Thursday about the ever optimistic theme of 'Failure'! Of course, if you are from Northumbria you will already have received the email regarding VOTING, its that time of year again! The 'vote' will only take you a few seconds so please follow the link below...

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