Back from the USA

Greatly looking forward to resuming work on ceramics and textiles at Hereford College of Arts tomorrow. I just got back from 3 weeks in the Philadelphia area, visiting friends and family and installing "Doily Diary" at the Clay College. For that project, I crocheted a doily each day during 2012 (actually more than one, so I'd have extras), then took the doilies and twelve 1 x 1 meter calendars over to the USA. At the Clay College, I dipped each doily in porcelain slip and fired them, then stitched them onto the calendars so that each represented the dates of 2012. Sewing the doilies onto the fabric calendars was much more finicky and time-consuming than I expected; thank goodness I had lots of friendly helper bunnies to get the project done on time.

The best part, other than seeing all that lovely porcelain on the wall, was seeing how excited people got as they looked for a special date: often their children's birthdays, but one lateral thinker was thrilled to snap up February 29! And a few folks who bought doilies just chose the ones they liked, nevermind what date it was.

I've included a few images of "Doily Diary" below. Now, keep your eye out for upcoming weaving and felting experiments.

July (green), August (red), and September (pink)


May and June


February (think dark and stormy)

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