be less critical more often etc..

Be less critical more often

Trust the you of now

Go to an extreme, move back to a more comfortable place

Are there sections? Consider transactions

You are an engineer

The above are some of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies I drew whilst in the Maidstone UCA Library this week with fellow 'resident' artist Stephen Turner who'd introduced me to them, they form part of the excellent artist books collection there and form an interesting way of kick starting a train of thought or coming at a strand of work from a different angle.  

The Library at this incredibly friendly & helpful campus has become a base for me in this first part of my aa2a time, as I randomly trawl the shelves and spend precious time absorbing the joys there from techniques to thoughts and works:Tacita Dean, William Kentridge, Yannis Kontos, Andrew Kotting, various sound artists etc..

I've really enjoyed being able to use some recording equipment I've not tried before to make some new field recordings at places where I've already made public Fl-utter-ances (, now I'm editing together my 2009-10 Fl-utter-ance archive with these to make a creative radio programme ... this opens up so many avenues of editing together the work & questions around which will most create a sense of the landscapes in the listeners mind without using a heavy handed narrative.

Once the sound edit is done I'm looking forward to spending my aa2a time in the amazing Printmaking department making a set of 'maps' to link with the sounds, roll on 2011..

Met with Edie Owczarek-Palfreyman our student rep this week (she's started a blog) so looking forward to seeing her work, meeting some more students and presenting work to them, joining a life drawing class & attending the FORWARD ( event at the Hazlitt in January

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