being gentle on oneself

i'm having to take gentle steps at the moment as once again i am missing the sun and feeling affected as a result.

what i can report is that one of my images is now included in the library of images for the home page and i'm well proud of that and this week i have been on bbc radio derby's loud mouth feature again.  the programme is available to listen to until next wednesday here.  the programme discusses 3 topics that are chosen on the morning of the broadcast.  i found the subjects quite emotionally challenging, so to ease that i set myself the challenge of saying the words "beaumaris pier" in the braodcast.  please do listen to see if i was succesful.

i'm attempting to set up so show and tell/listen for the work i've been researching.

i've also started to research awkward via image making.

i look forward to sunshine and happier outlook.

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