Blog 10 - Busy, busy, busy...


So much has happened since my last blog! Work at UCA continues to be a mixture of research in the library and using the Perspective Engine to look at grids with my peripheral vision. Generally I have been very busy but also my wife has been very unwell after surgery so I have spent many hours at the hospital. I entered the Chatham Dockyard Art competition and had one of three little prints selected - that was on show February–March. Why they only accepted one of the prints I don't know as they were very small but that's what happens sometimes! I went round the dockyard several times looking for inspiration but wanted to avoid the traditional paintings of boats and buildings. It occurred to me that I was trying to somehow summarise the essence of the Dockyard so worked on a series of small digital prints looking at the substance of the dockyard: metal, brick and wood. Later I added another three prints to the series: glass, paper and water and exhibited the complete set of six digital prints at a joint show at Cranbrook Library, Kent with others from Sevenoaks Visual Art Forum (ends 15 April). 


In addition, I produced a set of six digital prints shown at a reception in London in February organised by the Employer's Forum on Disability, a new venture for me as the prints examined the language of disability. The prints look at Braille and BSL finger spelling (both quoting from the Equality Act 2010) plus words such as 'wheelchair-bound', 'invalid', 'disabled-toilet' and what the word 'access' means (or doesn't mean). At the reception the prints were well received (I even sold two) which for a new venture was encouraging!


As for the residency, well, I lost three or four weeks because exams and seminars etc. were being held in the studio so I retired to the library. Studio space seems to have been resolved now and I have a well-lit, quiet space to work and think in! Recently I have been looking at how our heads rotate and how our eyes rotate in our heads while our head is rotating, if you follow! Parallax also interests me and I have been working on a number of drawings examining the effect of changes in the centre line of vision and how this may affect our perception of perspective.


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