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I have pasted my first 2 blog posts to the bottom of this one, because I had put them on the message board and not in the blog board.... Sorry!

I need Liverpool Students to collaborate with me on a project

First meeting Wednesday 11th January in the AA2A room at Lunchtime, The Arts Centre, all LCC students welcome, you don't need to be studying art.

The first part of the colaboration project will involve students work being toured Internationally starting in Brooklyn, really exciting opportunity that I hope can be a commercial as well as Creative Opportunity for you.

more to follow....




So tomorrow is my first propper AA2A day. Due to a dose of being not very well between October and December. I am eager to get started. I hope to set up my work space and do a bit of throwing practice.
Posters wil be popping up around The Arts Centre inviting students to undertake a collaborative clay project which will involve Wednesday meet ups and independent designing.
Will be able to confirm more after my first day.....


update after the first day: First day was interrupted by my acquiring an art class that I will tutor from now on, we will be doing a portrait project to start with. Very exciting and the reason many artists undertake residencies, unexpected opportunities like this!

I have however found my space and been introduced to lots of creative tutors. Drop in project sessions will start next Wednesday lunchtime and be a weekly event. I will also be popping into as many classes as I can on Wednesday's introducing myself and hopefully inspiring students to work with me.

Really hope I get a few eager collaborators.....


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