Brighton Biennal - a lot of seagulls and a lot of images.


Popped into Brighton for the last day of the photo festival, with my photography partner in crime Léa*.

The two photobooks shows only, organised by both the festival (at the Library) and the Fringe festival (Phoenix) were worth the 3 hours train journey (now, my geography is bad, but going to Brighton from Southampton via Clapham Junction doesn't make a lot of sense, right?). 

Many example of published and self published photography book. Somehow the first one my hands got hold off was A Small Book of Trees by Mina Kantanen. Hint...! There was also a book entitled We Never Finished 48 I took all the contacts of and will be researching.

We didn't meet with Simon Norfolk for a coffee (well, you don't ask you don't get, but my hope were pretty low on that one - his exhibition on Afghanistan we saw at the Beauvais festival of Photography Les Photaumnales was extremely interesting and technically flawless, which made the hidden geek in me slightly jubilate ; the video and interview gave a small insight into how he researched and worked on the project, very interesting thought about aestheticism being a powerful tool that he would choose to do without if he could).


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