Ceramics: A learning Curve

 This academic year has been a whirlwind so far! I’ve broadened my skills and developed a new love for photography, especially still life. I’ve found joy in expanding my practice to other areas of creativity but also pressure in working on projects with such huge potential in small periods of time. Working collaboratively has been a massive eye opener to the type of practitioner I want to be and really made me challenge allot of my own habits that hindered my ability to work alongside other artists. Most importantly - balancing taking control with releasing it to my peers!

The biggest development within my practice so far has certainly been my introduction into ceramics and working towards firing my pieces. I have previous experience in college working with air dry clay to create sculptures inspired by the female form and an unapologetic approach to owning a body. These past experiences certainly gave me a head start to my ceramic’s education; however, they certainly didn’t prepare me for the patience, skill, technique, and confidence that it takes to give yourself to clay. In the relationship between artist and material, usually the artist is in full control, acting as a master to their medium. In clay however, I feel there is a sort of union between artist and material unlike any other medium. There’s an unforgiving partnership. I’ve learned in the past few months more about myself through clay than I could through any other self-centred investigation. Overall... I love clay. I intend to continue loving, exploring, experimenting, and investigating clay. 

Having explained my deep admiration for ceramics, I think it's only fair to share some of the works that have pushed me to this conclusion. I’ve been working towards a body of work that explores the sense of touch through the production of objects of curiosity. I’ve played with texture and natural tones to form a body of work that mimics that prehistoric / artifact kind of imagery. Once the exhibition is fully installed, I'll be sure to upload an in-depth documentation but for now here are some images that summarize my practice at present.


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