Championing AA2A Forum/ Visual imagery

Yesterday was very successful in my campaign to engage with fellow students. Having typed out an invitation to art students at Coventry University, informing them all about AA2A website started to see a few students signing up. It did not help that most the students where not in uni due to doing their dissertations, so my wondering aimlessly around the five floors of Graham Sutherland Building to find hardly any students to talk to about this amazing network for artists had a slow start. Every day would wander up to the top floor to see if any one had signed up yet, then down to the basement to come across another not signed up list. I did not give up and then went into the second years lecture ( when not really meant to be there but no-one seemed to mind), at the end of any questions raised my hand to inform the students about this web site page. After the lecture was approched by a few students who I gave out the information to. Then towards the end of last week after chatting to fellow students was delighted to see the first third year student had signed up for more information, so I put a smiley face and a tick next to the name and left a thank you note and hoped by winding my way to the basement would find some more names added to the list oh well what  a dissapointment well one can dream.  On Monday finally managed to actually see some students in the basement and asked if they had not seen the notice or where not interested and surprized at the response that they had already applied on their own and found it to be a informative website. One student had his own blog page and would be looking into using it as a link in the future but thought it too early to be worring about networking yet. This is where I said it is never too early to network and get your art practice out there for all to see and have a taste of your newly forming talents. On Tuesday was really delighted to see not only had students signed up on the top floor but also had now signed up in the basement and got a few more students than thought to sign up have given the students the deadline of signing up by 30 January so that can then e-mail these details on to the correct person. In all it has been a long but very intresting way of conecting with students and also talking to them about own art practice which I thought was not progressing very far. With showing drawings, research and documentary research books was encouraged to trust in my own convictions more that I have done a lot of research and the small amout of art work that I have explored has the development to go further and not to deter off this journey but to keep on with the small discoveries am making as it is all part of the learning curb. Although this I have found a lot like trudding through treacle with keeping a diary of my thoughts is helping me to negotiate my way but needed some one else's input to see the woods through the trees.. I intend to continue with my essential reading even it I find some of the unusual  material really does push the boundaries. At the moment have just started to read See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception written by Madeline Schwartzman and printed by Black Dog Publishing. This looks at Reframers, Environments, Tools, Mediators and Speculations in the extremes of the use of the body its interactions with computers, interactive robots. Ann Hamilton;s "Face to Face images. 2001 an eyes view of how they view the world in its distorted black and white photographs  encapsulates how as a person with dispraxia often views the world and gives me the opportunity to explore this further through out my own practice in visual imagery.

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