Chatting to MA students

When asked by the tutors at Wolverhampton to deliver a small talk about my practice to a group of MA students admittidly at first it seemed a little bit daunting - I was still very unsure about what my practice was and what I wanted it to be. 

However, having this opportunity to think about those questions and a deadline to come up with semi concrete answers I found to be a really useful exercise. I've never enjoyed speaking about my work very much but with this small group it was very informal and I found their questions and comments helped me to better reflect on what I'd been doing and what I wanted to get from my practice in the future. 

Previously I'd been making objects however when I was on my degree I'd also been organising small group shows and club nights which was something I had really enjoyed. At the moment I'm working at Eastside Projects so this is something I spoke to the students about and explained that this connections with the Birmingham art scene had made me realise how much I wanted to organise exhibitions and events again. We also spoke about all of the opportunities and support that is available through Eastside Projects associate members scheme, ESP. I encouraged the students to get involved with the gallery and really hope that they do as it's a great support network to keep your practice going when you've left uni and entered the scary 'real world'.

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