Check the Freezer (Cephalopod)

Good afternoon. We recently attended an intriguing lecture by Andrew Graham-Dixon part of 'The Great Minds' series at UOL. Part of the talk was directed towards the Gothic, which concluded in  discussing the relevance of this genre in art, literature and film today and the influence of Victorian Gothic's encapsulation of politics, society and culture. Graham-Dixon's referrel to art as "visual thought," was perfect.

We have also been reading up on Modern French Surrealism and the birth of the Imagists. 

Apologies for the unattended album #Wordoftheday #Phraseoftheday #Imageoftheday. Work from the print room is still drying, however I will divulge words and phrases from November 11th, 12th and 13th:




Phrase: Fixed in a Gauzy Aspic Azure




Phrase: Suckle on an Unattended Thigh




Phrase: I Digest a Bowl of Lukewarm Chowder (Before Collapsing into a Nest of Ripe Mantle and Muscle)


In an additional note L remembered the squid ink that has been in the deep freeze for a few months, probably time to put it to good use.

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