coffee, you and yours and images

i've learnt the importance of image today, i'll not bore with details here.  i did have a bit of a strowp and having done that relaised that the opportunity was one i could utilise.

in the new image album are images what i have made behind the main practice and a lik to a sound file, one of the outcomes of my aa2a research time.  

the aa2a research time is working towards another piece of work that transforms a piece of playground equipemt into something magical.  

i spent time yesterday at my creative base working on the main project and i am pleased with the current form of that.  it is beginning to resemble something like it would like it to be.

tomorrow sees us at the belper festival promoting the belper art trail 2012.  we have the murmation project phase 2 to help us do that.  i'm hoping for a brisk day and not too much rain.

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