Conte crayon of doom

I don`t know about you, but I get really bored with sharpening pencils & conte crayons with a knife. Every few lines & it has to be done again. So now I`m drawing full time, I thought I`d invest in an electric pencil sharpener. Much studying of the vast selection led me to the Swordfish MultiPoint. As it says on the box :- accepts 6 different pencil thicknesses, strong replaceable helical blade, auto stop to prevent over-sharpening, safety Off feature, 4 second sharpening. I mean what professional artist could do without one. Well it has arrived. Much excitement as I thrust my conte 3B crayon into the correct orifice. Much whirring. Much chewing sounds. Crayon getting shorter & shorter. Just in case you ever wondered, a strong replaceable helical blade can mince the entire length of a conte crayon lead in 4 seconds. Life can be such a disappointment....

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