Covid-19 and making work under lockdown

University reconvenes by way of Microsoft Teams after the Easter break and we receive adapted assignments to reflect the need to submit even our practical work digitally [sigh – I am a technophobe and analogue artist].

However, I am fairly self-reliant as far as making my work is concerned, and I can adapt to manage without access to university facilities such as the print studio or workshop. Indeed after a year or two of collecting and appropriating all manner of second-hand pictures and posters I have potential to continue if not exactly as planned. If one thing comes out of the pandemic it will be the focus that it offers me. Recognising that my mind and imagination flit from one idea to another, I often find myself overwhelmed and as a consequence unproductive, but now that my choices are limited it forces me to work with what I have.

Five second-hand wall hangings have been languishing in my garage, they came from a reclamation company and suspect originally from a restaurant or a hotel, and I have an idea inspired by the Surrealist game of exquisite corpse. I collage abstract faces along the length of one board, soon losing myself in the process of tearing and rearranging the features, intent on seeing how far I can fragment a face before it becomes unreadable as such.

I have struggled over the final year of my degree, to find validation for my medium; collage. I have always loved its immediacy, balanced with elements of chance. My interim exhibition dealt with the perceived worth of painting over collage, and I will admit to losing my way at times. So whilst ‘vindicated’ is too strong a word, I feel a renewed enthusiasm for this way of working; I am inspired by Linderism at Kettles Yard (see image album), focused by lockdown and concerned only that I will run out of glue, before I run out of things that must be glued together!



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