Creating a plaster jacket

For the next stage of the mould I needed to produce a plaster jacket. This is what the silicone layer sits in and it acts to keep the silicone sturdy and maintain its shape. 

To produce this layer I added some small clay moulds to the plastic so that the plaster is cast and has little dips in its surface once the other side is covered in plaster one side will have bumps the other holes and these will interlock the sides. 

the first layer of plaster is built up on one side with the plastic wall still present a think layer of plaster and scrim is used to ensure a string mould. Once the plaster on one side is set the plastic wall can be removed. Clay silo is the painted on the face of the mould to ensure that the sides will seperate and the other side is built up using plaster and scrim so that the entire sculpture and silicone is now encased in a plaster jacket. 

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