Day 7 & 8

Day 7 was presentation day. Seemed to go well enough for me despite being ill and having to follow Andy's popular presentation/performance. Respect to him, he did put his all into it. Alan and Clairta both did great presentations too and it was fab to finally see and hear more about both their works.

The other thing blocking up my thought process during the presentation was the uncertainty surrounding having to move flat very soon. But Day 8 and all looks pretty good for moving. We have found a nicer flat down the road and we'll have a slight over lap on the tenancy in both places so that should make things less stressful. Back to the presentation - I talked marginally about being from Gibraltar and showed plenty of photos of Miss Gibraltar/Miss World 2009-2010. People seemed to like that. I also talked about selling work.


Day 8 has been productive. Caught up on emails, photographed work and uploading to the AA2A webspace. Got into the studio and got my hands dirty with some plaster casting for a new piece that currently goes by the project title 'Phantom'. I have also been expanding a stamp archive for potential future works, moving away from collecting merely figurines. Have made plans to give my first tutorials in 2 weeks time. And exciting news - am going to see the Turner Prize! Will post on how that goes in a couple of weeks after I've been.

Smell ya later.

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