Day 9 & 10

Day 9 felt super productive.


Got in early, 8:45am, continued working on my mould. Had meeting with print technician ahead of print induction next week. Did a little more on the painting on found paintings, nearly complete.

Joined the student demo against rise in tuition fees. A great number turned up to march, from school kids to lecturers. The whole event carried a peaceful, festival atmosphere.

Following the demo I started on new photographic collage works that I hope to exhibit next month (December). The works are centred around identity and utilise the familiar format of photo booth passport ID pictures. Images to appear soon.

Then headed back to the basement to complete my mould and brace myself for venturing into the huge fall of SNOW now heaving on Newcastle! En route to the pub for the quiz/football had a great snowball fight with Andy. I lost but that’s no surprise. At least Spurs won the football. Chuffed. And we came 2nd in the pub quiz.


Day 10 began with the catching up of emails. Trekked into Uni through the awesome SNOW and once there I continued work on the new photographic collage series. That took up most of my afternoon. Also sneaked a look around the sculpture studios ahead of giving my tutorials next week after my return from checking out the Turner Prize.


Next stop print induction and London!

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