Preparing for mould making workshop with 2nd year students, gathering equipments and setting up the studio - sign up sheet filled.

Have finished works and arranged their delivery for 'Small Form' exhibition at Curwen Gallery, London from 30 March - 21 April.

Been in collision with postcard rack at the student union - thankfully did not seem to pierce the leg muscles but have had to hobble about for a few days and seek sympathy by flashing my scars. Started to feel like i was falling apart after getting a battering from a door in high winds that made my shoulder feel like it was about to drop off for days (left me daze!) Maybe its karma for smashing the figurines.

New works at last in the kiln - warming up the studio currently at a mild 460 degrees and rising!

And have finally made my blog into official peterashleyjackson.com - check it out.

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