Time seems to be speeding past so quickly and with a delayed start to the residency I don’t feel I’ve managed to do very much. However I’ve made a start on a suspended installation. Sourcing the materials has been a real challenge. So far I have 60 test tubes, cuffs and a selection of metal hoops on my bedroom floor - I’m working on making a chandelier. Off to my studio this afternoon to have a go at laying it out. The installation is based around Jeremy Bentham’s Auto Icon idea. In each suspended test tube will be one of the 60 elements that make up a human being - its a representation of our physicality, much like Bentham’s Auto Icon. My work always has a strong conceptual grounding, but i also want it to look beautiful. I often have the title of the work before the work is finished - the title for this piece is "Present, but not voting". When Bentham died he asked to be stuff and made into an 'Auto Icon', his body was eventually donated to University College in London (where it is still on display). Every year the board of the university meets, and as an honorary member, Bentham’s body is brought to the meeting. In the minutes Bentham is written down as - Present but not voting.

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