Delayed start

Something cropped up today, which means I will be unable to get to Teesside tomorrow as planned. Such is life.  I will use spare time during the rest of this week to gather my thoughts, drawings and general materials in readiness for next week.  I'll go across on Tuesday, catching the lecture in the afternoon, and Thursday to catch up.  I've planned for Thursday to be my regular day but with life being rather chaotic at the moment, this might change.  

I am really looking forward to developing some new work in the print room and to exploring ways of making large pieces on board that will become free standing structures.  I need to research non glue, non screw methods of construction before I start.  Since visiting China I have been fascinated by their construction techniques.  I have no skills in this area so I'll pick the brains of the technicians!  The laser cutter had me thinking about other possibilities too. . .   I fully expect that the direction of my intentions when I applied for AA2A might develop as the weeks progress.


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