Developing the second and third compositions

I was still thinking about the colours for the 'distant' composition that I was working on last time, so I moved on to develop the second and third compositions I derived from the first experimental session.

This is the 'flipped' one - it has the larger shape at the top rather than the bottom. I tried both diameters of circle in each place. The colours will stay with the naive landscape theme that's creeping in - the upper shape will be sky blue! I got the paint mixed this session but ran out of time to print it.

I did get both colours printed on a set of variants of the 'closer' composition. The plan was to do both shapes in the same colour to see what difference it made to the way things were working, following the example of the Bridget Riley painting in the previous blog post. I thought it would save time too, but in the end I had to wash the screen because I forgot to put in any acrylic medium in when I mixed the paint so it started to dry in the screen - you can see some patchy printing on the bottom shape. Fantastic intense colour though ...

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