Devoré and print

I am thrilled with this opportunity and it is enabling me to work in new ways and media-particularly my textiles. 25 years ago I specialised in constructed textiles (weaving) and always wanted to print. This residency is enabling to do this and also to work on glass and other materials. My work has been selected from all the artists across the country as picture of the week and also for the new home page, which has been a real boost for my confidence.


Using screen print techniques and exploring devoré is so exciting. I am literally able to explore my subject matter MAKING TRACKS by using technological advances to eat away at the cloth, making tracks through it and by printing pattern onto it!

We carve our way through time yet look back sometimes longingly at our past. We fight to preserve and do not embrace progress well. For it is ugly. We scorn those before us who raced ahead, devouring the land and failing to protect its future. Protect, preserve, recycle and strive for a sustainable, stronger, safer future.


Nature makes her own lines-sometimes sweeping and caressing. But she too wreaks havoc destroying progress and reclaiming ground at great cost. Rivers, meander, Canyons carve and mountains and seas conquer. Yet the snow quietly carpets and stills natures heartbeat whilst desserts dry warning is for us all to heed, I say “Go lightly on your way through life and take time to breathe.”


I taught “heat fusion” in schools as part of a curriculum that encourages students to be environmentally conscious. Recycling and up cycling is not only fashionable but also necessary. Most of my work involves finding waste products and reusing them from furniture to fabric. It will be fun to get involved and make a piece of your own work whilst visiting artists in their studios and exhibitions so there will be two making days at our venue. Heat fusion represents the potential of glass slumping and fusing. It feels industrial because of the heat and science involved and has empathy.


My work will be on display at the Tamar Valley Centre (TVC) along with that of artists Clare Law and Sophie White, we are calling the show Glimpses, as it shows from each of us, a different way of looking at the land.


We feel it is very fitting that our work is on show at The TVC, Tamar Valley AONB
Tamar Valley Centre
Cemetery Road
Near Gunnislake
PL18 9FE 

Telephone: 01822 835030 during Cornwall Open Studios Saturday 25th May-Sun 2nd June 10am-4pm. Workshops/demos will be running Mon 28th and Fri 31st May. More information can be seen about me at

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