End of Year Exhibitions


So as it came to the end of the year for the course, the first years were asked to dispay their works in their spaces, and did so with some really great outcomes.


The second years ran six exhibitions, with five running as part of an arts festival and the other in the studio alongside a local group artists. Each were incredibly successful and recieved a huge amount of interest from the public as well as visiting artists.

Below are the exhibitions:

DEADEYE DICK: http://deadeyedickexhibition.tumblr.com/

Deadeye Dick Exhibition

GOD BLESS YOU MR ROSEWATER: http://mrrosewater.weebly.com/

God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater - Circle Basement Exhibition

MOTHERNIGHT: http://mothernightlincoln.weebly.com/

Mother Night - Exhibition Lincoln

THE SIRENS OF TITAN: http://thesirensoftitanlincoln.weebly.com/

An Exhibition

SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Slaughterhouse-Five-Exhibition-Lincoln/448750795282798?fref=ts

Slaughterhouse-Five - Exhibition, Lincoln

TIMEQUAKE: http://exhibitiontimequake.tumblr.com/

Timequake - Exhibition, Lincoln


The third years have now finished the set up of their degree show ready for assessment, before exhibiting as part of the university on the 29th May - it's definetley worth a visit.



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