Every Point in the Universe is Also the Centre

This January I was awarded the Paper Gallery residency, 'Exploring Paper' and spent 6 weeks at the gallery making work reflecting on the history of paper. The resulting show will open this May 19th 6-9pm, If you are in Manchester please pop in for the private view, or if your passing through please pop in to see my exhibition at the Paper Gallery until 23rd.
Here is an excerpt from the Paper press release on the show:
"Every Point in the Universe is Also the Centre is Olivia’s response to paper and its history. Her work has often contained the phenomenology of reflection as medium and subject. One of the earliest uses of paper was as packaging for bronze mirrors in ancient China. For Olivia this became the starting point for the residency and the subsequent work that she developed for her solo show. 

What it results in is an ephemeral reflection on present-ness and time; a flash into clarity for a moment, in printed and photographed form. Within the exhibition Olivia attempts to capture the ephemeral. Shadows are captured from dappled light through trees, and bark is both projected and printed onto paper - traditionally made from the same source. Round mono-prints of traditional Chinese mountain river scenes are stretched into screens and used to catch light from projectors. Large hanging prints on tracing paper echo the glass used in frames and screens; hand made, imperfect and veiling. These layers build and reveal to allow views of different stages of printed work, but never reveal the original, like memories always evading perfect recall." 


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