Everything comes at once

I desperately, desperately find myself itching to get into University, needing to sit in my new perfectly formed space, making room for those wonderful thinking sketchbook moments, of pondering, of drifting down corridors getting utterly lost and then revelling in the moment when I eventually come across the printmaking workshop. 


Sadly any attempt is scuppered by so many things, mostly administrative.  Emails emails emails, volunteer schedules, mailing lists, facebook events (why do they take so much time to set up?) sourcing tables and chairs for workshops, booking vans, trying to find the right sized banner for exhibitions.  I stil haven't found a place that sells black aprons - the new uniform of Book Apothecary - my newly launched project.  Anyone who says the life of an artist only involves making work is wrong.  Even commissions take time.  Last week I had to find vintage maps with yellow in it so that they matched the rooms the artwork would sit in (a hotel in Australia).  Then of course the costing (worst thing ever).  I still haven't worked it out.  Any wrong footing here can of course cost you the whole commission.

Today I had to wait in for the plumber - being freelance of course means that you can easily work at home right?  So I decided to finish only my third sculpture of a five set (swiftly becoming a three set) that I need to make for a show that opens on Thursday.  I really ought to get on with that.

So the next week I have 2 exhibitions.  One is at MIMA opening Thursday, the other Book Apothecary opens on Sunday at Culture Lab Offsite (behind Central Station and a bit down the road).


Then I am definitely going to switch off work and sit and ponder about folding and learning a few new techniques and getting utterly lost in some corridors.



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