Plans afoot for the end of residency exhibition. Decisions to be made on what to show- large paper pieces both as yet unfinished, frame up some of the earlier drawings, how to use the laser cut glass pieces?

Check out the space...plenty of it!!!...and glass top box tables like shallow vitrines....interesting.


No info apparent around the dept re my talk next wednesday...what does that mean? Nobody will be there I irritatedly suspect... 


I get to my large paper on the wall...it brings a smile to my face..imagine it 10 times bigger..it would be wonderful to work on a trully vast scale...but for now...

A luscious, thick, agitated band of raw umber and a wetter looser one of the same across the bottom.

The wonderous joy of applying paint to paper; watching the marks form and dissolve in the veils and layers of colour. Tones emerge and jossle the surface back and forth. Miniature landscapes escape across the surface...fractals  of the landscape which is their origin.


I go to find the framer in Unit 10 Flowers Industrial Estate...he is a delightful, interesting man who allows me an absolute age to discuss,question and deliberate the possibilities for which and how to frame  pieces.


Danielle in the office assures me that all will be well for Wednesday and she kindly emails Hannah to ask for confirmation...no word yet!!!


It has been a good day...will come again on Monday to meet with Abi to discussplans for exhibition and to paint....can't wait.

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