Finally at the beginning

After a slow start it was good to finally start printing in the Red Shed, thanks to Joseph & Rupert for showing the the ropes and allowing me free reign to print in there.  I wanted to start with somethng simple that would allow me to get used the place and the facilities so I made a small series of screen prints for an idea that I had for a book project.

The images show a paint spill in a bike lane and the traces of the many bikes that rode through the wet paint, a nice bit of accidental mark making.  I intend to put them together as a laperello book which will unfold to one length of paper stretching across a few meters. Usually I would plan this a bit more before starting but I will design this as I go. 

It is a small homage to 'Automobile Tire Print' by Robert Rauschenberg & John Cage.

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