Finishing off moulds

After performance in the Tetley/Leeds last weekend I can now focus again on my moulds for 'Home'. Eleven objects are covered in nice thick layers of latex and I'll do some more layers to be on the safe side as previous ones where too think and broke. In between waiting for layers to dry I've been sitting in the cateen and working on my Castlegate Residency application. It would be from April till November and the expectiations totally fit in with the way I work namely researching an area/building/piece of social history and resonding to it with interventions that are performative and engaging. Would love to get it but there will be lots of applications and it depends on what they are looking for. My hopes are not too high.

Students at College are busy getting ready for final year projects. I like the combination of when it's busy and students are around and then a more quiet day where I can spred out a bit more. 

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