First AA2A Meeting:

We had our first meeting of the year on tuesday of this week, to which both reps (including myself) attended, as well as Kadi and Kim (2 of the artists). Sadly, Sarah and Sophie couldn't make it, but it did not damper the mood in the meeting.

The discussion itself was interesting to say the least, as everyone had good ideas to contribute to the pool of projects/options we have to better engage with the scheme. While it's still early-makings and I have yet to meet/contact the other 2 artists involved, things are looking pretty good. At least everyone is nice and polite, each having unique ideas and projects developing, to which I am glad to take the opportunity to take part in this scheme. Knowing my track record with swamping myself with coursework and other projects, I tend to get lost a bit, but I've bucked up my act to make a better impression with my peers. A weekly blog post is something manageable and now that University has broken up for a few weeks, I have some time to work on personal projects and more than enough time to blog once a week.

I'm hoping that throughout this year (and next), that I can connect with plenty of illustrators and artists that will no doubtedly inspire concepts for my own work. I consider that my artwork is not so exciting as others, but that is why I'm here: to learn and benefit in the creative whirlpool. I'd also like to think that being a representative will improve my social skills and help me organise my time better so I can keep on top of University coursework, AA2A Student Rep duties and all other extra curricular activities. I see my first year at Coventry University to be quite fruitful, given that all these opportunities have presented themselves to me and I shan't squander those chances.

I'm very much looking forward to working with Chante (my fellow student rep), Kim, Kadi, Sarah and Sophie, in what should be an exciting year.

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