First blog !!

Hello! Here is my first blog post for the AA2A program: hope I can keep you interested and updated on how I get on with my placement at Blackpool School of Art. 
I have been in to the library and studios several times and everyone has been so helpful and friendly. It was great to have staff enthusiastic about ideas I have, Alicja in the library was so helpful and full of knowledge about plants and really helped to find everything I needed. 
Speaking to other artists can often be more than just a chat about your work, it can stimulate thoughts and connections that perhaps were just out of reach when thinking about next steps on your own. 
I am interested in developing my work around things I know about, being a woman over 50, from a working class background, it often feels like the Art world is not the place for me. So that is where my thoughts have begun. Quickly my work has taken me to a path of discovery, researching woman's health I have begun to look at herbal remedies. This has developed into some etchings of plants and algae. We will see where they lead to, I have some ideas, but at the moment having the opportunity to use the fabulous print facilities; and knowledge of Brendon and Paula is keeping me busy. 

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