First day... and second day


Thought I'd posted my first day blog but obviously not! So I'll try again..

I'm resident in the brilliant ceramics department at Hope University. It feels a bit strange, like being a student again but without the coursework! I've always felt that my year doing my Foundation Course over 22 years ago was one of my most fun and creative and I began to feel that this year at Hope might be the same kind of experience.

I'm able to use the other workshops including the laser cutter which is something I'm very keen to play with. I've got no idea what I'm going to make but I've already created some nice test pieces that I wouldn't have been able to feel justified making at my studio as they are just playful experiements.

I have the very good fortune of working with a great Head of Department, Alan Whittaker, who seems very flexible and open to whatever comes out of the placement and also very helpful technicians and friendly students. All good.

These are some of the test pieces I've made so far:

(if I can get them to upload) be patient


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