First Mould / Stone

When I got to the workshop at College today it was really busy, in a good way. My latex layers where dry and a put on two layers of Poproc which dried very fast. I could take out the small stone easily from inside the latex mould after cutting in half the Poproc layers. See images The bigger mould I left till next time as it is still quite damp. I met the interior design teacher and the jewellry teacher who where helping students. Also, the first student approached me today asking what I was doing which was nice and we had a little chat. She also told me about her latest project. I also chatted to some students who were fund raising and sold sweets and neclaces made by students. They looked lovely and I'm thinking of buying on next time I'm there. 

I have decided to just make the moulds at the College and do the soap casting in my studio. This way I don't have to carry soap and soap objects back and forwards.  Storage is an issue too as I haven't got anywhere wher I can leave stuff. Joe is very kindly trying to free a trolley that I can use to store a limited amount of things. I'm now ordering some latex with thickener and Pop Rox so I can get on with making more moulds next week. Also, need to collect a couple of objects from people I interviewed in about their homes. Will be interesting what they are. 

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