First Proper BLOG

I have decied to go for it today. I got to the studios at 8.45 am this morning and have just loved sitting in my studio at Coventry and thinking/making/procrastinating..... I haven't had a studio since my degree (nearly 10 years ago) and I have often wondered what it would feel like and how it would make me feel, having my own space, somewhere not connected to my house. And it feels great. Why? Perhaps it allows me to feel 'more like an artist'. There is more of a separation home/work. Is this work though? I predominantly make films and therefore have not always needed a space in a traditional sense but actualy now I'm here, I think it is important. And perhaps it will make me push myself. It certainly makes me feel good. 

Space is very important to me in regards to my films due to my need to project/install these films. They do not live until they have been projected. The films themselves are very spatial, surveying/scanning the built environment. Looking at how space is used and created. Following lines, structures, surfaces. They therefore need to be spatial in there very being, installations that perhaps allow for a physical sensation. So having a space to project/install works is really important and during this residency this is something I am to utilise. I booked out one of the installation spaces the other week and projected a new film. I will post the images shortly. 

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