First steps: "The Sky is For All"

i've begun to think about the development of a "suite" of new video installations that will be linked to an over-arching theme linked to a quotation from John Ruskin:

The sky is for all; bright as it is, it is not “too bright, nor good, for human nature’s daily food,” it is fitted in all its functions for the perpetual comfort and exalting of the heart, for the soothing it and purifying it from its dross and dust. Sometimes gentle, sometimes capricious, sometimes awful, never the same for two moments together; almost human in its passions, almost spiritual in its tenderness, almost divine in its infinity, it is surely meant for the chief teacher of what is immortal in us, as it is the chief minister of chastisement or of blessing to what is mortal. And yet we never attend to it, we never make it a subject of thought…

John Ruskin, ‘Of the Open Sky’ Modern Painters I, Part II, Section III

In using the term "suite" (since i can't find a better word at this stage) i mean that i wish to create a set of linked installations- each one could stand alone, but they are concieved to work together, in some way to be understood as interrelated in somewhat the same way as in a musical composition- to be "played" in succesion. Each will feature an image (or images) of the sky as their central visual subject.

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