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Today, for the first day in weeks - no, wait, months - I spent an entire day making pictures. I feel like a great thirst has been slaked. But also suprised by what has emerged. Not what I was anticipating...

Reading other the posts of other AA2A artists and student representatives I'm reassured by the shared feelings of helplessness at time slipping by and of the cacophany of excitements and anxieties. This week I've had all these things bundled into one; relief at having finished some major writing commissions, excitement about the prospect of making new work, anxiety in the studios and workshops as I try to reaquaint myself with people, situations and grumpy technicians, misery as I realise I have a very long essay to edit and another to write before Monday morning. But it pays the bills...

Since my last AA2A blog post a great deal has happened both professionally and personally, both good and bad (and in that order). SUPERCONDUCTOR has been a great success, not only on paper in terms of attendence and feedback but it has consolidated and moved my thinking about a number of things on. I was chosen to recieve an arts council bursary to attend State of The Arts in Salford in a couple of weeks. I also did a reading at the historic Literary and Philosophical Society for the Newcastle based artist Ben Jeans Houghton (who was coincidentally this weeks visiting lecturer at Northumbria University). The whole event was rather phenomenal with many inspiring talks and performances. The chance to read a piece of text that I have written in collaboration with Ben's images - and a piece which I had the rare opportunity both to be creative with and to explore new ideas, worlds and approaches to writing - was enlightening. And has cemented my ideas about what I intend to make whilst on the AA2A residency.

Hmm I didn't intend to make this a long, dour post about what I've been doing; I actually wanted to write a little bit about the revelation I've had in regards to my work. Basically, for a long time, I've been grasping for a metaphor, a personal lexis to articulate the abstract concepts I've been thinking and writing about. Namely, how to shape the unbounded; how to address the issue of the void in visual terms. It's sort of an oxymoron I know but I've found some things to work with and I'm going to see where they take me... First of all, I've become interested in the idea of Meteorites as a sign for the (potential) beginning and ending of everything; 60 million years ago it was a meteorite storm that not only reset the biosphere and ended the dinosaurs but also planted the diverse elements and strains of molecules which founded the evolutionary chain of events to human beings (perhaps, probably, but not definitely). There's much more to this concept from assosiative properties to narrative, science, auratic properties, history, poetry etc etc but I don't want to spell it out and I don't want to exhaust possibilities WRITING ABOUT THINGS because I have spent the last year of my life writing about art and not making it. 

I hope this is the beginning of a sea change. 


Words convey ideas. When ideas have been absorbed words cease... Only those who can take the fish and forget the net are worthy to seek Tao.


Tao-sheng (ca. 360-434) 

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